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Can anyone reccomended ballet/dance productions showing in the uk summer months

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Hi all apart from the major touring company's in London. Does anyone know of any ballet productions else where in the UK for the summer months of  2013.


Was hoping to see some ballet/dance with my dd in the summer holidays but can only find them showing in London - is that really the case? We were hoping to do one in London but was hoping for others else where, the summer holidays is the only time we actually have the time to travel and seen them which just isn't the case for the rest of the year.


Any suggestions welcome, thanks




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The Sofia National Ballet are touring with Giselle, Swan Lake and Don Q (I'm seeing Don Q in Liverpool tonight).


Here's the News Thread:  http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/2623-sofia-national-ballet-tours-the-uk-in-july/?hl=sofia


Post number 6 has the tour details.


If you are up North, Strictly Confidential (Craig Revel Horwood's new show) is on at the Lowry next week.  KS Dance are on at the Lowry on Friday of next week too.


Scottish Ballet/Scottish Dance Theatre have got an intensive couple of days at the Edinburgh Festival in August that sounds really interesting.  There is other dance on there too.


Sadly the summer can be quite a fallow period for dance outside London.


Northern Ballet's season opens on Friday 6th September in Leeds, if that is not too late for you.

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I'm going to see Taming of the Shrew.  I would like to have seen the mixed programme too but there is no performance on the Wednesday or Thursday so it would have meant a longer stay in London.  Shrew would be the safer choice, particularly if you like full length ballets but the mixed programme gives an opportunity to see works by unfamiliar choreographers.

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Oh... Go and see boston ballet if you can at the coliseum.


Just got back from their performance tonight and it was stunning. Absolute precision among the dancers, it really was a masterclass in how Balanchine should be done + dancing together as a company.


Oddly the group sections were more beautiful than the solos or pas de deux, which is a rare feeling.


The other thing that stuck me was the dancers' physiques: they were physically fit women, not sticks.


Go and see.

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I second the Boston Ballet recommendation. They were beautiful to look at and the Balachine sets felt like an ensemble moving as one.


I really liked the middle set, the Faun was a nice 'historic' intro to modern dance, followed by 'Plan to B' an amazing piece by their resident choreographer Jorma Elo. The music was brilliant for a fast, energetic and elegant modern ballet and I didn't want it to end. Jorma Elo is now on my list of choreographers to stalk.


One dancer who stood out for me (and who I *think* I identified from the cast list...) was Misa Kuranga, very precise and strong and amazingly graceful at the same time. The Boston Ballet seems to have quite a few clips of or about their dancers online, the link is to a short clip about her dancing



I really hope the Boston Ballet won't leave it another 30 years to come back.

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Yes, she was pretty impressive. Hoping I get to see them both again in the other programme. There were other dancers I really liked, but I think I need binoculars or tickets in the front row to figure out who was who.

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