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Sadler's Wells - SAMPLED (29 June 2013) - Jasmin Vardimon and Vagabon Crew

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Wow. I went home with one extremely powerful memory: Jasmin Vardimon's (in-between) for the National Youth Dance Company.

The translation of the music (Ben Frost's "We Love You Michael Gira" and "Schillar in China" by Sigur Ros and Hilmarsson) into movement was outstanding.

Dancers aged 16-20 invade the stage standing on wood logs, as trees? Soon they get cut down and violently stabbed so that they fall one by one to the floor. The piece goes on beautifully, feeding its force from the group energy. The music is breathtaking and the choreography projects an extraordinary power.


Vagabond Crew (breaking dance company) is More than Just Break dance! Under the choreographic expert eye of the French Mohamed Belarbi, the ten or so dancers unite to impersonate a 10-headed alien. It's creepy, strong and gorgeous. This is all Beyond their clearly impressive physical prowess and they deserved all the applause they got.

To be followed...

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The NYDC piece is a powerful and very moving piece of dance theatre.  What Jasmin Vardimon has done with the young dancers is quite a feat - she only had a total time of 3 weeks to not only make the piece but also form them into a cohesive company. I thought they really stood their own on a varied and interesting mixed bill of dance...

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Meunier, I really liked Fanfare LX aswell! The piece is choreographed by Douglas Lee from the Stuttgart Ballet.

Nice duo with a powerful soundtrack by MIchael Nyman. Punchy and full of "red" energy (like the tuniques). Lot of portes and rotation around each other, hips sticking out at an angle, and beautiful extensions.

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Well, my dd and I went to watch Jasmin Vardimon's piece for NYDC at the Lowry last night.


Wow, we were blown away by the energy and the faultless performance of this talented group of young dancers. I found the choreography brutal but also incredibly moving.


It was such a shame that the theatre was half full and not more people took advantage of seeing this wonderful performance.


I shall certainly look forward to seeing more of Jasmin's work but also what the NYDC can achieve with Akram Khan next year :-)

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