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Trying to PM someone but getting a failure message

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I was contacted late yesterday via PM by Gingerbread, asking if I could help her contact the member she had been trying to PM earlier.  I admitted to having no answer and, as far as I can tell, neither does the section on the PM system found via the Board software Help button at the borrom of the page.


In replying, I added the member concerned to the conversation to see if I got an error message on that address.  After 15 minutes I had not, so I sent another to both addressees, and no error message has been returned from that one either.


However, it's still not clear where that takes us as I have not heard from the member concerned, possibly because she (I think I can safely presume that much) has not visited the site yet today - ie despite the lack of any error message, there's no proof yet that PMs are being received by her.  Perhaps later ......

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Further to all of the above, the member to be contacted appears to have been 'active' on the Forum within the last half-hour.  It now looks increasingly that, although no error message has come to me, she is unaware that she is being contacted.  Why this should be, I simply don't know, and I fear I'll have to consult colleagues about how to resolve matters.

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