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Well done!!!!


School report

Young Dancers Academy

25 Bulwer Street, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 8AR

Inspection dates



4–6 June 2013

Overall effectiveness Outstanding 1

Pupils’ achievement Outstanding 1

Pupils’ behaviour and personal development Outstanding 1

Quality of teaching Outstanding 1

Quality of curriculum Outstanding 1

Pupils’ welfare, health and safety Outstanding 1

Leadership and management Outstanding 1

Summary of key findings

This school is outstanding because


Students make outstanding progress in most

subjects and particularly in ballet. They

achieve above average results in GCSE

examinations including in English and



Students’ consistently thoughtful behaviour

and their developing self-confidence and

resilience are outstanding factors in their

successful learning.


Teachers’ exceptional subject knowledge and

expertise inspire students to reach high



The curriculum is exemplary in meeting

students’ vocational and academic needs,

interests and aspirations.


The academy’s leaders and managers are

passionate in their pursuit of excellence in all

aspects, including the welfare, health and

safety of each individual student. They have

improved on the good quality of teaching and

learning in the previous inspection and are

eager to ensure all students make outstanding

progress in all subjects throughout the


Compliance with regulatory requirements


The school meets schedule 1 of The Education (Independent School Standards) (England)

Regulations 2010, as amended by The Education (Independent School Standards) (England)

(Amendment) Regulations 2012 (‘the independent school standards’) and associated


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Is YDA from just sixth form onwards or is it open to pupils from 11 on like a secondary school? Is it a day school?


And can you earn a scholarship for this school or is it entirely privately funded?


That's a pretty good Ofsted Report they must all be walking round on air at the moment!! :)

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It's only for pupils in Years 7-11; it's a day school in West London. There are apparently scholarships available but no MDS funding (although with such a good OFSTED report it would be wonderful if the Government would add the school to the scheme).

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There are plenty of threads talking about the school if you do a search. Here's one and I'll see if I can link to any more (I'm on my phone so it's not straightforward)




Edited to add this one




I searched for YDA school scholarships (as you can't search for a short word like YDA) and then Young Dancers Academy


May I urge people to read old threads before asking questions as you may find they've been answered elsewhere (this isn't directed at anyone in particular, just a general reminder to all!)

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Thanks for the info Julie and Spannerandpony.


I think but am not sure that this Dance Academy maybe connected to Anna du Boisson who teaches at Danceworks

although Ive never done one of her classes there yet myself (I imagine too advanced for me) I think she is highly recommended.


A friend of mine arriving with DD from Australia today :) has been asking about this school in West London(they may be back in UK by time DD is 16) She will be very interested to see this OFSTED report.


I think there is a rule you have to be living in UK for at least three years again before qualifying for any money of any sort if available is that correct.....I need to make sure she is fully aware of this.


Also just good to hear of another place offering excellent dance training. I will give it a bit of research now ....thanks anyway.

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LinMM you are partially correct...you have to have lived in the UK for three years to qualify for MDS funding. These awards are given out buy RBS (upper and lower school), Elmhurst (lower school), Hammond (lower school) and Tring (lower school, but we have heard from the forum some children continue with their MDS funding into sixth form). Each school has a limited number of awards to give out, though from an annual report which used to be published we know that all children who qualify ( depending on parental income) will be offered an MDS award at RBS. Most children (but not all) will have this opportunity too at Elmhurst. Hammond also have a good number of awards. Tring have much fewer. MDS also applies to Music schools. I have posted a link below




Edit to add...


Some school have other means of supporting children and the criteria for winning a scholarship will be at the discretion of the school by way of their own policy and so the 3 year rule will not apply. A good example of this is when RBS give full scholarships to Prix winners outside of the UK.


Hope this helps!



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