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Posting from the iPad (and similar)

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May need some help here.


I would like to be able to post links occasionally but have just been told (am in Apple Shop in Brighton) that cannot do,this from an IPad only from a main computer.

Well we do have an iMac but when I tried to log in to BalletcoForum from the main computer in the shop it says it doesn't recognise me etc......I'm usually permanently logged in on iPad so

When it says username is this the email address or the name I use when posting comments?

And I'm sure I put the correct password in but it's not accepting it!! Or is it the email address for the password?


Will I have to reset up my account again so I can post from both computer and IPad ?

Ive posted this here because I can't see a Help place anywhere.

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The best place for help and problems is here


To log on you need your user name, which is the name you registered with (not your email address), and password.


There is no problem with posting from an iPad or iPhone (I do occasionally) and you can be logged in on more than one device at the same time i.e. in your case the iPad and iMac.

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Thanks John sorry above post is nothing to do with first request!


The trouble is I'm not sure what my username was it would either have been my real name or the name I use when I post etc. Ive tried both with the same password and it says username or password not correct......Both times...not sure which one is incorrect. The only way I could see around it was to reset up again!


However if you are saying I can post a link from the iPad will try this now so won't need the iMac


What I was trying to do in my lesson this morning was post a picture of some peonies onto the gardening thread from my own photos....I also wanted to post a short video of two cats for the catalogue thread and its these which didn't work on the iPad and was told could only do from the iMac!! I assumed this was true for links from websites but apparently not.

Have you ever tried posting from your iPad/iPhone from your own personal storage so to speak!!

Thanks for replying so quickly will now try your help link :)

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You can't post photos or videos direct from your computer (or iPad), they have to be on a photo sharing service (e.g. Flickr), YouTube, whatever, and then you can put a link.


A problem with iDevices is that when you are composing a post the usual two rows of icons which let you control font, indents, links etc, etc are not present. You can still put in links but they will appear like this: http://www.balletassociation.co.uk


Your user name is the name you use when posting. If you've tried that and it's been rejected then you're entering your password incorrectly - passwords are case sensitive.

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