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Best way to dye/colour jazz shoes


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I have been supplied a pair of new pure white jazz shoes - soft leather - capezio and asked to make them Matt black in time for the Dance World Cup rehearsals next week !

Should i paint ? Is there a dye? Or should i polish or felt pen ??!!!

Any advice much appreciated !

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You used to be able to get shoe dye that you paint on, I remember touching up black ballet shoes and character shoes with it. I'm pretty sure you can still get it in the UK. I think Dylon make it? Maybe ask at a shoe shop. I remember it lasted quite well too though I can't remember if it was matt or shiny?


Good luck.... the things we do as dancing parents!!!!

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Dying the leather upper should be easy using a paint-on shoe dye available from shoe repaires. The biggest problem will be the sole/heel. If this is synthetic I'm not sure the dye will work and also it may wear off very quickly when worn. I would be tempted to just buy another pair of shoes in black despite the cost as when you add together your time, effort, shopping for and cost of dye, it probably isn't worth the stress! Also if the shoes are a good fit you can shop around online for the best price as you know the size and make.

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Probably would be easier to get black ones ........ but since they will be worn only twice ( not likely to be used at Elmhurst next year)and were given to me for £5 thought I would give it a try !


Have got the dylon dye coming to me tommorow from helpful parents who are passing the fabric shop , now for the soles !

I will try out the marker pen .......


Thanks everyone !

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