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Conditioning program for ballet?

Emilie C

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Due to some family issues, I've had to take about four months off from my ballet classes. I'm thirteen years old, and I was previously taking 3 classes per week. 


I'll be resuming my old schedule in a couple of months (sigh...), but I've noticed that my physical condition has deteriorated fairly significantly in my time off. I wouldn't say I'm unfit, since I still exercise regularly (jogging, some gymnastics, karate), but I'm concerned about my strength, particularly in my core and legs. 


If anyone could offer me specific conditioning advice for resuming ballet, I'd be very grateful. If it helps, I have a very petite structure, and although I'm thin I could stand to tone up quite a bit. 


Thanks!  :)

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Hi Emilie, welcome to the forum. :-)


I would suggest pilates for toning up and especially for increasing and regaining your core strength. If you can't get to a class, there are some very good dvds available. My daughter has this one which is very good: http://moniquerichardspilates.com/dvd/


As well as pilates, swimming is wonderful (as long as you don't start doing it competitively or every day as it can build shoulder muscles too much.


Hope that is of some help. :-)

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Hi - if I were you I'd not worry too much about it. You're young enough that you will regain fitness quite quickly but if in doubt you can try some simple pilates exercises. Are you doing gymnastics at a club or at school? You could ask your teacher or coach to show you a couple of exercises and make sure they check you're doing them correctly. 

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Hi Emilie, Perhaps try floor barre? Darcey Bussell published a book a few years ago with some pilates exercises and an easy floor barre in it, designed for non dancers too so quite easy. My DD and I used it over the summer before she started at vocational ballet school to keep up her strength. I cant remember what its called but I will find it and post the name and ISBN number later.


Hope this helps,


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