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Some history

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BalletcoForum did not arrive out of the blue in December 2011. It has its roots in the website Balletco (www.ballet.co.uk) founded in 1996 by Bruce Marriott. Balletco (now in archive) was one of the first dance/ballet sites on the net and the emphasis was on giving the audience a place to talk and exchange views, both seriously and playfully. It also provided a magazine full of reviews and interviews. This was years before the advent of social media such as Facebook and Twitter became a widely used means of spreading information and interacting with others. This link back to Balletco explains the name of the present site, BalletcoForum.


Early in 2012 Balletco was put into archive – it had really become too unwieldy and unfit for purpose. Bruce Marriott initially funded this version of the forum for three months and asked a committee to look into the long term viability, funding and governance of the board. The members were: Lee McLernon (Chair), Sim Dixon, Ian Macmillan, John Mallinson, Anna Merrick and Dave Morgan. They concluded that a much loved forum had a future and put in place what that future should be.


Incidentally the magazine aspects of Balletco have been made more professional and taken forward by Bruce Marriott in an online magazine called DanceTabs (www.dancetabs.com).

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