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Degas leotard/skirt for sale


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Having a big clearout prior to moving and have just found this lovely leotard/skirt at the back of DD's wardrobe.


Purchased from America as a 'congratulations' present for getting into vocational dance school it cost a fortune origionally!

She only wore it a couple of times as she was not allowed to wear it for dance class and then had a growth spurt :(


It is a lined pale turquoise merle leotard with front lining. It has spaghetti straps and a low straight back (it sits under the shoulder blades straight accross).

The attached same colour short mesh skirt come to crotch area only so is very short.


The size is 12 (I think that is age USA) and is approx a size 2 leotard uk size. DD is very tiny and it fitted her perfectly at age 12/13 so you may need to have a slim dd aged 10 upwards to get the most out of this.


Yours for £20.00 plus postage of £2.50 as she only wore it a couple of times.


PM me for more info and a picture of her in it (so you can see what it looks like)...I tried to attach a link to the degas USA website but it failed....



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