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york scholarship centre


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Hi, has anyone's child been to the scholarship centre in York? I would like to know how difficult it is to get into and whether they take many each year. Any experiences would be appreciated, thanks.




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Hi my daughter auditioned last year and was put on the reserve list and auditioned this year and got a no but she's not been put off as she wants to try again next year. She really enjoyed the audition each time but there was a lot auditioning and I don't know how many places are available. I'm sure someone on here has children who attend and can give you more info. x


btw my dd is also attending their summer school this year which she is looking forward to, closing date 20th June.

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My dd auditioned for first time this year. She got a no but really enjoyed it. She has attended a workshop run by the centre previously which she also really enjoyed - worth looking out for any more they do.

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Hello balletqueen - My dd attends this Centre and has really enjoyed it.  Next year they are moving to Joseph Rowntree School just outside York.  This is much easier to get to and with free parking.  She is in the Senior group and has classes in ballet and then either repertoire or contemporary (changes each term).  I think this year there were only a few places available in the Senior groups but quite a few got into the Junior groups.


Send me a pm if you need to know anything further.


The very best of luck.

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