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Day seats on ROH booking days

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Just for future reference, can anyone tell me what the situation is re the day seat queue when there's also a personal/public booking queue?  Presumably there is a separate queue for day seats, but would that go on throughout the day if applicable, or if you don't get there by a certain time do you have to just join the booking queue? 

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I was there in January on booking day and wanted a day ticket. I arrived an hour and a half early and there was already one queue forming. I joined the queue realizing that most were for the booking day. No separate day ticket queue was started until later.

When the doors were about to open, a Royal Opera House employee came out and asked all day ticket people in line to come form a queue beside the booking ticket queue. It was a quick and much shorter queue for the day ticket customers once the employee told us to form it.

The opera house also provided free coffee for those waiting in the queue and I learnt that this happens only on public booking days. It was a delightful and very welcome surprise given the cold morning.

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Oh, right, so it sounds as though I ought to be able to queue-jump, even if I turn up later, as long as I have a word with someone in charge.  That's rather what I suspected, but I wasn't sure, and didn't want to risk an hour's trip on the off-chance.


Thanks for the information, gog, and a slightly belated welcome to the forum!

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