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Artistic Director Leaves Cedar Lake ...

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All revealed here:  




Interesting to note in this brief item that the NYT ALREADY separates the 'UK' from the rest of 'Europe'.  I wonder do they secretly support UKIP? ... Perhaps ONLY Madame May and her team know best ... LOL.


With the new departmental (2015) cuts ... I sit here wondering if they will combine the Department of Media, Culture and Sport with the Home Office ... or, sorry, Department of Justice ... given that Shakespeare once lumped ALL artists together as 'rogues and vagabonds'?   Guess we'll have to stay tuned in GLEE with George ... or perhaps read it in advance in the NYT Cultural pages  :)   


But then THIS ... like so much else that is delivered from boxes, be they variously dispatched or not ... is determinedly off topic ...


Mea culpa.



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