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Practise Tutus


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I am a ballet teacher looking to buy about 30 practise tutus as a costume. We always keep costs low for our parents so although I have found some on the main dancewear websites they are coming up at about £35-£40 for good quality ones (we don't want anything that looks like it belongs on a hen party!!). Does anyone have any recommendations of smaller companies / makers that may be able to help?



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Contact christine@crystaldance.co.uk. Chris is a professional costume maker with a small business in worcester who has never had to advertise since she set the company up a couple of years ago. She supplies all the local school plus contracts for other companies. Mention that the contact has come from me, I am sure she will be able to help you.


Heather License

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Just checked the contact info for Chris at Crystal Dance and as well as the email, the landline is 01905 739160 and mobile is 07880 666 601 Chris says leave a message if there is no reply. The machines in the unit are noisy so she doesn't always hear!

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