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The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrman


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Has anyone seen this? I saw it yesterday and had mixed feelings about it. I'm trying to remember the 1974 Redford/Farrow version which I've just ordered. This one was quite flashy and was a bit OTT for my taste. I suppose that, as a Brit, I'm used to rather understated, immaculately recreated period pieces. To my surprise, I liked Leonardo di Caprio in the role of Gatsby but wasn't so keen on Carey Mulligan as Daisy. Tobey Maguire's Nick Carraway came across as a bit of a dimwit. I quite liked the modern music superimposed on the period music. The whole film across as less than the sum of its parts and a bit hollow.

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I think people either love Baz Luhrman's work or hate it. I adored Strictly Ballroom and Romeo and Juliet but Moulin Rouge gave me motion sickness!!

I know the critics have panned Great Gatsby but I think I will probably go and enjoy the spectacle for what it is.....fabulous costumes, choreography and kitsch ness but more style over substance.

Will I need my travel sickness pills Aileen?! :-D

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Possibly for the party scenes, which can be a bit dizzying, Kitschqueen. I really enjoyed Strictly Ballroom (did the name inspire the name Strictly Come Dancing?) but I haven't seen R&J or Moulin Rouge. I do think that you have to enjoy the film on its own terms, although I would have liked to have seen what someone like Ang Lee would have done with the book.

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