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Sylvie Guillem - 6000 Miles Away @ Sadler's Wells (2013)

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No threat on the performances of "La Guillem"? The great, the unique, the beautiful?? :)

Ok ok I am only joking... But one just needs to take a look at my profile picture to see that my love for Sylvie Guillem is unconditional. Or almost.

Last night (25 May 2013), I saw her triptyque "6000 miles away" (co-produced by Sadler's Wells and herself) with 3 choreographies:

"27'52"" by the czech Jiri Kylian (without Guillem)

"Rearray" by the american William Forsythe (Guillem, Murru)

"Bye" by the swedish Mats Ek (Guillem)


The title of the evening "6000 miles away" is a direct bow to the victims of the Japanese tsunami of March 2011, but is apparently also a tribute to people who feel connected in their minds even when they are geographically not near. To me, it felt more like the latter, with the two first works being danced in duos.


Both Ek and Forsythe have created the works for Guillem, when she first presented the triple bill in 2011. And Guillem literally shines in them.


My personal favourite is "Rearray", and I absolutely loved watching Massimo Murru and Sylvie dance together. The chemistry and ease are apparent, like two irreverent minds showing off (in a good way) their amazing technique through each glimpse in between the blackouts. People who dislike poor lighting, stay away!! (cf. thread on Raven Girl :)) Sometimes the only thing you can see neatly are the white arms. I liked the effect though. Like Caravaggio paintings. Light coming out of obscurity.

Each blackout like eyes closing and re-opening on these two dancers...

Technically, of course, a lot of arabesques, supported turns, and Sylvie's trademark "jambe a la vertical". There is lots of humour too in all those classical "photo-poses". I thought Massimo was beautiful to watch dance.


"Bye" was a playful work. Sylvie escapes from her "world" through a door and childlike, plays on stage, running around and performing this really strong piece impeccably. She is like a poor-version of Alice, with a 70's inspired outfit (an article says 'librarian look', it's a good description) and clothes of complementary colours (yellow skirt - violet shiny top). The music is the last Beethoven sonata opus 111, which I have always labelled "jazzy" in its euphoric glorious 2nd movement. Her movements across the stage are erratic and she stops twice to perform a headstand with her legs in the air, frog-like. I wasn't that moved by the whole combo.


"27'52"" was like a love-story, with the couple first meeting, then touching, dancing, and separating. The duo was beautifully danced by Aurelie Cayla and Lukas Timulak although I didn't really see the point for her to dance topless. I have nothing at all against nudity, but I prefer when it has a purpose. Here it felt a little odd (she removes her top mid-choreography). I thought that perhaps it makes the couple look 'alike', wearing trousers and no tops. I have to say it was rather beautiful to watch white skins interacting and making beautiful shapes together. Maybe that was the point.

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My fave was 'Bye' - loved the wit and playfulness, and though not live, loved the music too. The headstands were humourous - I actually giggled! Have to say - she doesn't half have knobbly knees though, and the granny skirt showed them off to perfection!  ;-)

The other 2 pieces were more electronica bleeps and parps than music as such, though did suit Rearray. Agree they looked great together, but the stops and starts I found a little irritating, but liked the piece overall. The slide into neo-classical poses showed that when she wants to, the old technique definitely still there!

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I am a big fan of Sylvie too.
And "6000 Miles Away" looks very promising!
Do you know whether this three-piece performance has been released on dvd?


How did she look? Did she have her hair cut short or he had her well-known "long hair+fringe colored in mahogany" hair image?

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