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Both VASILIEV A-N-D OSIPOVA to leave Mikhailovsky this summer

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While both will remain with ABT during the NYC season, both will it seems - according to the NYT interview with Vasiliev - leave the Mikahilovsky this summer.


Vasiliev said he wanted to concentrate on new work.  To quote but a line or two from the NYT interview:  


“I would love to dance everything,” he said, laughing. “I would love to make new work, too. I’m available. Can I leave my number? Choreographers, call me please.”


If I was Ms. Rojo/Mr. Williamson I'd be getting my skates on.  The couple are coming to London and this is one lad who DOES sell tickets both in NYC and London.  



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In his interview with 'Kultura' newspaper on 24.07.13 Ivan Vasiliev said that although he wants to remain a freelance dancer and to perform all over the world, however, he and Natasha Osipova will settle in London and at the moment are looking for a flat here.


He also said that he had already discussed with the Bolshoi's new director Mr. Oorin some plans for his appearances with his former company, namely in 'Spartacus', 'Ivan the Terrible' and 'The Nutcracker'.

When asked if he is going to work in London, he replied: 'I don't know yet. Let's wait and see.'


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I'm so pleased he may return to dance Spartacus and Ivan in both his and their native home, the Bolshoi.  He is still so young specifically with this rep in mind and his Spartacus as seen here in 2010 was simply mind-blowing (and I say that not otherwise liking the ballet - just not my cup of tea - but then NOT too having drunk coffee nor tea for at least the last 30 years.)  

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