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Socks or tights

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Unless they specify, and you are therefore going against their wishes, I honestly don't think it makes any difference. I personally hate seeing bruised, bare legs and much prefer to see girls in tights.

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Is there something like "ballet socks" and why are they different form regular socks?

I wear regular socks in my slippers.

Yes, here's an example of them: http://www.justballet.co.uk/shop/child/sale-just-ballet-childs-ballet-socks-was-249/


They usually come in pink for girls, white or black for boys. They're quite thin so they don't bulk out ballet shoes much.

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I saw the socks. I assume they are cotton socks but very sheer. I wear regular summer socks. They are called "summer socks" because they are manufactured for business people (male mostly) who must wear shoes through the summer. They are 90% cotton and very very thin plain black socks. They suit me perfectly for my slippers.


I can't imagine how difficult and expensive it is to be a parent of a dancing child. Leotards, tights, slippers, tutus, costumes for performances, auditioning for schools. Professional ballet schools must be extremely expensive.
I am curious about the fees and I am going to use the search engine to look for topics related to who much ballet training costs in other countries. I spend 1/4 of my income for my ballet classes (2 hours per week). If I want to go to an elite/snobby/expensive studio, it's going to cost me twice.

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