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Scottish Ballet auditioning for young dancers

Anna C

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Has anyone else from Newcastle area heard from Scottish Ballet re: H & G audition?? Dd received an email yesterday inviting her to the audition next week she is of course delighted... Hope to see more forum members there too ;)


Found out yesterday that a boy from ds's school and dance school also going Saturday. He was in the Newcastle EYB Swan Lake - one of the nephews. Sadly ds too old for this. Good Luck to your dd C4D, hope she enjoys being back on the frontline, as it were :)

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Had they asked heights on the application forms then? The boy from our dance school is quite small. Were there many boys? When will you hear?!

Sorry cathy just noticed this... Yes they asked about height, shoe size and experience etc and a photo in dancwear... obviously why they were all quite small yesterday!!

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