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royal ballet upper school or Elmhurst 6th grade


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hallo evryone,

my dd is 15 years old,

i always heard a lot about RBS but i don't know so much about Elmhurst...can you give me more informations?

anyone is studyng there?

do you think for a girl is better  the full time training in RB upper school or Elmhurst?

what is the main difference between the 2 academy?

i tried to look in elmhurst website but i don't understand how much it costs?


thank you!


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I am also trying to decide, if I got accepted to both, which to go to! I still have a couple of years before I'm going into 6th form though. 


As for costs, if you have lived in the UK for more than 3 years, funding will be means-tested in RBS. Not sure about Elmhurst. 


I say, trust your instincts, and encourage your DD to do so too. As many have said, what suits one may not suit another. You need to find what works best for YOUR DD, not what USUALLY works, because what usually works might be the complete opposite of what works for you and your DD!


Listen to your DD, because her opinions matter too. She may have a very good reason for doing what she thinks she should. She might not, but at 15 probably going on 16?, it is very likely she does have a very good reason for doing what she thinks she should be doing. Talk it through - communication and support is essential for anything, and especially for a ballet career.


If you are fortunate enough to have a choice, congratulations! If not, it is hopefully, almost definitely not the end of the world - there is always hope!  :)


Hopefully your DD has auditioned for other schools? It is hard to get into ANY vocational ballet school, so do spread your options open!


It is a very individual thing, choosing a ballet school. But sometimes, even just attending an audition, or being in the school building  can tell you something and help you decide.  :)


PLEASE don't be discouraged by costs. Your DD needs to try her best to grab the right opportunity for her. If things work out, the rest may follow. If you are resident in UK for more than 3 years and you qualify, you/your DD will almost definitely will receive funding for RBS.


If you and your DD agree that going to Elmhurst or RBS doesn't feel right, don't. There are other vocational ballet schools such as ENBS which might be more suited for your DD. Remember, though, it is extremely hard to get in a vocational ballet school and become a ballet dancer later. Well, it is also extremely hard to get into a vocational ballet school at Year 7, but much more so at 6th form, especially 6.2 or 6.3. Perhaps it will be different to your DD, but something to be aware of.


I do hope that your DD and yourself find yourselves in the right place!  :)

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All I can say is Royal upper school is incredibly hard to get into and only the special few get chosen, I don't know of anyone turning down a 6th form place. Don't get me wrong Elmhurst is an excellent school too as are ENB, Central etc but the Royal is very very special and very few get chosen.

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I believe Isabella McGuire Mayes (now with the Mikhailovsky)  turned down an upper school place for the Vaganova school in St Petersburg. But Tulip's point is well made - very few will have the luxury of that choice!

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