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The Dance Again Foundation

Ian Macmillan

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The 'News Review' section of today's Sunday Times carries a fairly lengthy article on the very considerable progress that has been made towards full recovery by Jack Widdowson, an apprentice dancer with Bern:Ballett, after an attack on him late last year that left him with a serious neck injury. (If the article is available online, it will be behind the Times paywall.)


What may be of use at some point to readers here is that his family has set up a charity, the Dance Again Foundation, that will offer injured dancers immediate post-injury advice and help with early rehabilitation, with the aim being that they resume a dancing career. Early details are at:



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For those who didn't pick it up from this morning's Links, and just in case this topic may be of use to someone lurking out there, a lengthy article on Jack's continuing recovery, with a reminder about the Dance Again Foundation:



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