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Exciting workshop opportunity


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I'm extremely proud and excited to be able to announce that RGDANCE (from Sydney, Australia) will be coming to the UK in August and I will be hosting them as they hold a one day masterclass in Birmingham.


It will include their sessions "TURN IT UP!" (Conditioning for turns, Pirouettes, Kick turns, turns a la second and inventing turn combinations) and "POWER UP!" (Conditioning for leaps, leaps POWER up! Learning how to fly) as well as their mind and body conditioning.


The session will be on Friday 23rd of August as part of the MIDAS 1 week summer intensive. Students can attend the whole 5 days for £195, or just the Friday session for £100. 


To apply, download a form from www.midas-dance.org.uk :-)

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RGDANCE is a studio in Sydney, Australia, who train their dancers in a way that supports my approach - ie a truly fit and healthy body and mind will result in a better performance. One of the students was recently a finalist at the YAGP in New York and they are very successful in competitions in the USA and Australia. Their mind and body conditioning workshops have been in demand in the USA and Aus, they recently did one at Abby Lee Dance Company (where Dance Moms is filmed) but their 'healthy' approach wasn't deemed exciting enough for the tv show and the producers edited out all their bits!


Youtube has lots of videos of their students....

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Just wanted to add that the workshop/masterclasses are open to anyone including teachers - MIDAS is merely the host!


If teachers want to bring students I can send you a group booking form, we are also offering a free teacher place with every 10 students who attend. Please email me or PM me if you want the group booking forms.

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