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Seeking new choreography by women using pointe


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CounterPointe* - women making work on pointe.


Julia K. Gleich/Gleich Dances in association with The Broadway Theatre in Barking is now accepting submissions for a new performance featuring emerging and established women choreographers making new work on pointe. CounterPointe is dedicated to presenting the latest experimentation, innovation and risk-taking that shows a depth of investment in ballet by women dance makers choreographing with the pointe shoe.  Pointe work must be central to the choreography.


Recent conservatoire graduates are encouraged to apply. A small stipend may be given to those selected – pending funding. There will be mentoring and feedback offered and each performance is followed by a Q and A with the audience featuring invited guests from the profession.

The venue has black/grey lino flooring. There will be minimal technical support.

Stage Dimensions: 6.8m deep by 9.6m wide.

Deadline for applications: May 17.


Tech: Sunday, 16 June (time to be announced); Dress: Monday, 17 June (time tba)

Performances: 17-19 June at 8pm

Venue: The Broadway Theatre, Barking, London IG11 7LS


Please submit: Artistic CV (including name and contact information),

Online link to video of choreography (no headshots or stills).

To: CounterPointeBallet@gmail.com


*This programme was first created in Brooklyn, NY in 2012 and produced as a collaboration between Norte Maar for Collaborative Projects in the Arts and Brooklyn Ballet.

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Even so, if it's encouraging recent conservatoire graduates to apply it's got to be of interest - there are so few opportunities for female choreographers, as the Luke Jennings recent piece so eloquently discussed.

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Hi there. I too am distressed that I can't offer more. But I am offering a free stage with lighting and in a venue of a respectable size with marley (vinyl) floor. As a ballet choreographer myself, I am eager for this kind of opportunity and would gladly be produced and mentored without any stipend. I am awaiting an ACE grant and if/when it is received there will be a stipend. I had to be honest about it though. And I am encouraging recent grads since that makes everyone more comfortable but I will mention I know well-respected professionals whoa re interested. (Susan Jaffe had a work in my NYC programme.)


Really, no need to be so ungracious. If you can't contribute in any useful way... Have you read any of the press on women getting any chances at all to show work on pointe? Don't assume that anyone else is making any money on this. I will be paying for it out of my own savings if the grant doesn't come through. No wonder people don't want to put themselves out there. At least I am making the effort. Who else is? FCC and ...? 


P.S. The theatre is also donating the space.

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Hi Gloria, I'm sorry if I upset you. My comment on the stipend not being a sure one was not slagging you at all but rather pointing out that it is rather sad that nowadays artists are supposed to work without being paid. I recognise that you are trying to do something and it's great...


But we live in a society were artistic creation is far too often supposed to be free! And how are young dancers without parental support supposed to eat? By waiting tables on the side! As long as people will accept to work for nothing, nothing will change! Why would it?! And again don't jump at my throat, this is not directed at you personally...


I wish you luck with the grant!

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