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London Amateur Ballet Summer Intensive

Sheila Beelam

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It is with great regret I've had to withdraw from the LAB SI, as we have booked a family holiday which overlaps.


Due to the pricing of holidays falling within the school holidays being so crazily high - if we go a week later it's an additional £2000!!!


So, I had to admit defeat on this one and concede that this swan will not be flying this summer, despite having leotard and tutu ready :(


On a positive note, it does mean that there is a space available on this course, which is going to be an amazing experience for all involved. Send me a PM if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with the organisers - I think they're on this forum too :)


I will of course be plieing in the pool and pirouetting on the beach, thinking of all you lucky swans!


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