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Frampton & Cincinnati Ballet Live

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This perforamnce sounded interesting.  Peter Frampton providing the music and the Cincinnati Ballet dancing.  I had to go.


Frampton and his band were dressed in black and on an elevated platform toward the back of the stage - perhaps in an attempt to a back seat to the dancing.  Frampton and the band sounded great.  Unfortunately, for me, the choreography was not that great.  It's difficult, I imagine, to choreograph ballet to rock.  At times the music and the dancing mixed like oil and vinegar.  However, for the slower songs, the choreography was beautiful.  For example, the last song of Act I (Boot It Up!), Frampton played and sang While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and Sarah Hairston and Zack Grubbs danced beautifully together.  Act II (Hummingbird in a Box) featured new Frampton songs and the dancing was ... well, there was dancing.  Act III (Anthology) featured Frampton's classics.  Again, there was dancing.  No matter how hard I tried to focus on the dancing, my eyes continued to drift toward Frampton.  There was no doubt, it was Frampton's show.  If there were any doubters, those doubts evaporated when Frampton performed an encore singing Do You Feel Like We Do.

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