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London Children's Ballet - The Secret Garden

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The latest in the very successful productions - The Secret Garden - Choreographed by Erico Montes at the Peacock Theatre has sold out the entire run. The Children aged 9 to 15 years old learn how to work hard and together which they take on in their future lives.  I wonder if any of our poster's children are in the show and would like to comment.


Isabel Summers as Mary Lennox with Butterflies and Petals 
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My elder daughter performed in this - and loved every second. The run finished on Sunday. I watched the Premiere and the last performance. Visually stunning, and a brilliant showcase for so many talented children. Erico was amazing with all of them, too. It's a big commitment (and lengthy! Auditions began in October) but well worth it.

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Hi ,

This is my first post here so please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong area, ( I have tried to navigate my way around this site & ive put LCB into the search engines but can only find old threads)

Wondering if anyone can help me, My daughter is 10 & is far more of an actress than a ballet dancer but has danced sinced 2 & has just starting Grade 5 RAD . She saw a poster for London Childrens Ballet & begged me to let her audition which I did, Shes used to acting auditions but Ballet auditions was a whole new world to us, Anyway I was expecting to collect her after the first hour & was thoroughly shocked when she with others was held back, I was then even more shocked to receive  letter asking her to attend the final auditions on the 17th. Can anyone tell me how long this audition will last for, what it entails,& how hard it is etc??? I am probably fretting too much , just slightly worried that the audition will be incredibly hard ..  

Once again apologies if this is in the wrong section.

Many Thanks,x

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Hi my DD auditioned for Rumpilstilkin a few yrs ago now, similar to your DD my daughter hadn't been dancing for long so went more for the experience, I was surprised when my DD got through all the way to casting but that was as far as she got!! She was upset at the time but to be honest it gave her a push and let her know that there is lots of talent out there, from what I remember if you get to the final audition you have something they like but there are only so many places, I think my DD was at final audition for few hours and it was a Sunday, she said they were put in groups and given dances to do that would be parts in the show, it was a lovely experience , good luck

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