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Assemblie Internationale '13


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Starting this weekend and running through til the following Saturday (April 28th to May4th), Toronto will be hosting an International Ballet student festival at Canada's National Ballet School.

Students (aged 16 - 19) from 18 schools including RBS, POB will be in attendance and working on group choreography, mixed dance classes and performances - all which will be shown on-line with live streaming on the website.

The website address is:



When the live streaming is up and running, I will add a link for that if I can.


Might be an interesting opportunity to see up and coming talent from around the world.


Not sure if this is the best forum to have posted this so let me know if it's not!

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Today's class being streamed live.

Teacher from Cuban National Ballet School. Students mixed from 18 dif schools.


I watched the dress rehearsal for one of the performances last night and got to see David Donnelly and Yaoqian Shang from RBS. They were absolutely lovely. Met David last summer here in Toronto and he is such a sweetie.

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This was the highlight of the event. A live streaming project with dancers in Toronto and Amsterdam performing simultaneously (without lag).

Skip to 13:30 as the first 13 minutes are intermission.

A lot of this is student improvisation. Some of it I loved. Some of it I found too random but a lot of focus was on the technical issues of making it work. What can be done in the future?!

If you have time, scroll through the various film clips shown at the bottom. Most is student choreography. All the pieces are with dancers from different schools and with only 4 hours rehearsal time per piece.

These are our  the future dancers.

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