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Created a YouTube channel info regarding pointe shoes/problems etc


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I have created a YouTube channel in which I will be posting videos to with information regarding pointe shoes, problems with pointe shoes, info about accessories, etc.

I also have a facebook page for it too.

I hope this helps some people out and I also take on requests for videos too.

I'm basically an adult ballet student (nearly 25) and study B.A.T.D ballet.

I have also done the Grishko pointe shoe fitting course. And often help other students get fitted correctly.

If you are interested please head on over to:




Thanks :)


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@thequays I just noticed you brought those freed decorated shoes from

me on eBay ages ago! wow! :D I'm glad you like them and love seeing

them again! :D

Really? How funny and what a coincidence.!!!!  I`ve 2 pairs coming in the post. Red canvas Sanshas from China [i`ve only the satin ones in red at the moment.]And a pair from a bloke in the States .They are some sort of Russian brand,but there`s no name on them]. It`s a real labour of love for me.I collect rare Moulin Rouge memorabilia as well. My two hobbies cost me a small fortune.[  Good job i don`t drink,smoke or drive a car.LOL.!!!]  The downside to the 2 Pointe shoes videos is people contacting me saying"Ooh, you shouldn`t dance in pointe shoes you have bought online,you have to have them properly fitted to your feet."  I get sick and tired explaining to people i`m an old fart of 45,who hasn`t done any pointe work since I was 17 and i`m sure as heck not about to start again now.!!!

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@thequays Yes, how funny indeed! :D

Oh cool :) and yes I'm a total pointe shoe addict too lol.


LOL regarding the comments you have been getting! How funny! But yes I can imagine gets tiring having to respond to such idiots! They should be posting comments on the videos where there's 7 year old dancers en pointe not even getting on their box and also commenting on videos where girls are making pointe shoes (yep can you believe it!) and then going en pointe in them! What on earth!

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Don`t know if you know it,but there`s a very good American blog called pointe shoe brands[ www.pointeshoebrands.wordpress.com] .I think that`s it. It`s a mine of information about really rare and hard to come by brands; some of them I had never heard of before.!

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