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Win Natalia Osipova’s Signed Pointe Shoes

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Wow I'm amazed. How can anyone sign that. What if circumstances change and you need to raise money? It seems mighty strange that anyone can dictate what you do with something, esp if you've paid for something. I know in the dog world puppies are often sold with endorsements and any rescued dog cannot be sold but must be returned to the rescue organiztion.However of course it is almost impossible to police as I guess it would be here. Most top ballet dancers seem to sign a lot of shoes for charities etc .


Well you certainly learn something new every day.:-)

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I have several pairs of signed pointe shoes that I bought at NYCB and The Trocks - no such agreement was in place - they were selling them as fund raisers!  Much as I would love to own a pair of Natalia's shoes, looking at most of Natalia's shoes in photos I reckon they will be pretty battered - her Don Q shoes were certainly battered and marked compared to Oksana Bondareva's which were still looking rather more shiny and pink LOL!

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