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Balletco discount is back!

Sheila Beelam

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It's back! 10% discount for balletco members as an Easter thank you for all your support, tweets, facebook likes and general good cheer!


Just enter balletco10 at the checkout to claim the discount - available on everything and runs to the end of April.



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HI Just Ballet.  I need some white leather full sole shoes.  My son takes size 3 (Clarks).  I tried your site but most of the shoes seem to be pink.  Please can you point me in the right direction?  Thank you!

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Hi Suzyszoo - like the name btw I think I need to be sheilaszoo!

We don't have white leather shoes as a stock item, but I've had several requests in the last week for these, so I think we will bring them in :)

I'm just checking stock availability now for the So Danca shoes, in white:




Will report back asap :)

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HELLO EVERYONE.  Could you please ensure, going forward, that any buying and selling between Forum users and Just Ballet is conducted via Just Ballet's website and email direct....we are trying to avoid becoming a shopfront!


We will be issuing new guidelines shortly regarding the extent to which people can advertise/sell on the Forum.  Many thanks for your co-operation.


Simonetta Dixon


BalletcoForum Committee

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Guest balletmum16

Just wanted to say a huge than you to Just ballet! Ordered yesterday with the discount and order arrived today! Thanks so much for a great service!

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