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Please help me find reliably sized soft ballet shoes and jazz shoes online


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I order ds full leather, not split sole, white ballet shoes infrequently and can’t remember who I got them from last time but need some for
summer RAD exams. Please can anyone suggest who has reliable sizing?


I know I have used Express Dance Supply to buy Freed Aspire in the past as they supplied ds’s RBS Junior
Associates uniform but I have had to send shoes back to them for a different size at least twice in the past. Does anyone else use them or can they remember the magic formula to convert, say Clarks sizing, to Freed Aspire? Or suggest to me another make and its sizing?


I also need to order some jazz shoes for dd who is an ADULT size 8 ½, Gulp! We have bought Bloch in the past but every shop seems to convert the Bloch US sizing slightly differently. Please could anyone recommend a particular supplier and remember how their conversion works for UK sizes, or recommend some other non expensive make jazz shoes with accurate sizing?


Thanks if you have any suggestions.....


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Give dance direct a call. I have found them really helpful in the past and you can always return for another size if you need to. Alternatively our own Just Ballet offers an amazing service and is VERY helpful so would try her first!

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I have to order DS's shoes online cos he's in washington so never around to try them out - but he wears split sole canvas.. however I always get sansha or capezio from porselli using their recommended shoe size equivalents to a UK shoe size and they have always been correct....

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Thanks taximom ;)

Cathy, how about you measure the length of an existing pair that fit your son and we can then see what that relates to in different shoes? Or you could draw around his foot and measure from tip to toe? This may work, assuming his feet don't grow between now and the summer!


This full soled leather So Danca shoe is available to order in white:




I find So Danca easy to fit as they run similar to street shoes.


As for the Jazz shoes I think with Bloch US sizes, it's recommended to go up 2.5 sizes from your street shoe.



Sheila x

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Oh thank you everyone. Lots of helpful suggestions but I am very tempted by your suggestions Shelia so will set to measuring ds feet in the next week. Thankyou. He has quite wide feet so I have ordered the wide Freed Aspire in the past.

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