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A bit late on this thread but in the London area used to be Islington there is Anna Scher's school.


There are lots of after school activities in drama and full time for older but not sure of grants etc for attendance there.


Yeah I searched about it. It very old and famous.

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She used to do a lot of outreach work in schools and I used her book alot for ideas when doing general teaching in London.


Then she got her own place......it's probably still same place off the Pentonville Road between Kings Cross and the Angel Islington.

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 Is it a forum for mums ?

You don't have to be, some Dads post, and  teachers, even some agents. There are a lot of Mums from the Doing Dance section on here who post there as well. When the old ballet forum shut down we managed to get a separate dance section on NAPM, which kept us going until balletco started. There is a different feel on there and so people post different types of questions there - it's especially useful if our children are doing dance with musical theatre courses/careers in mind.

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