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Northern Ballet - The Ugly Duckling - on TV

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I wondered how it would be shown and, I think, for children's television it worked very well.  A group of young children (the tiddlers) were led through the story by an adult presenter so the ballet scenes were broken up by the presenter explaining to the tiddlers and asking them questions.  Sometimes I felt that it did get in the way of the ballet but that is absolutely churlish as I was looking at it as a ballet rather than a children's TV programme.


I thought it came over very well and I thought the tiddlers looked enchanted by it.  It's being repeated at 5pm this afternoon.  The piece is still being toured too.

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Isabella Gasparini - she was lovely wasn't she!  It was quite hard to tell the dancers with the makeup and hats but Jessica Morgan was Mother/Swan Queen, Theresa Saavedra-Bordes and Jessica Cohen were sister ducks, Thomas Aragones was brother duck and Matthew Topliss was the lifeguard. 

Edited by Janet McNulty
Edited to correct and complete cast list
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Julie, I was contemplating going on my own but the only performance I can get to is 17 May and i am also UK Ballet Theatre's Alice on 12 May then hopefully off to see DD in a showcase the week after so may still have to pass. :(

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