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GCSE Philosophy & Ethics


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Hi there, does anyone know anything about this?


My dd has chosen it as an option (more to do with everything else she wanted to do clashing with each other than actually wanting to do it) and is starting it now in the middle of Y9.


So far, all the coursework she's done seems to be looking at the subject from the religious point of view rather than the secular, and I don't actually have any idea whether the whole course is the same. 


The latest thing is an invitation from the school to go on a school trip (costing more than £500) in order to visit the Vatican in Rome.



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Certainly know that its one of the most popular A levels at my school and covers questions such as the existence of God (we are heavy on Richard Dawkins and Oliver Sachs in the library!), questions on such issues as assisted suicide, abortion etc,  and also the views on the above from the view of different World Religions.


It's also well regarded by the universities.

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No experience of this at GCSE level but if you can find out what exam board your dd is studying then you can download the course specifications from the exam boards website. Some parts of the specification may be compulsory and others the teachers choice.

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Thanks, dd does seem to be enjoying it so far, and you've allayed my doubts about whether or not it might be viewed as a 'soft' subject.


She has quite firm views on many subjects (can't think who she inherited that characteristic from!) so I think she will find it interesting.

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