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Looking for a ballet dancer to participate in research for 1 day only, will be rewarded!


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Hey guys,


I'm a student from Goldsmiths University and I am currently doing some research on The Body and its how it is so important in ballet. So from how the body has to perform for such an art, both negatives and positives! I would simply want to spend a few hours with you at your ballet school (if permitted) so that I can take some pictures and ask a few questions (really informal). 


Alternatively, if anyone would be happy to just answer a few questions through email I would appreciate it too. 


Must be in London.


Please do email me on forida.ali@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested.


There will also be a reward if you take part!


Hope to hear from you soon,



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Hi, I'm based in the South East of London at the moment, but I am willing to travel to wherever you school is to talk with you. 


Email is fine from wherever, if you can drop me your email address I can be in contact with you soon.


Thank you so much,



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Hello Forida,


I agree that it might be better to contact dance teachers/schools in London, as opposed to asking individual dancers. If you are wanting to photograph the dancers in class you would need the teacher's permission (and parents' permission in the case of young dancers) in any case.


Kind regards,



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Hello Spanner,


Yes, I have been in contact with schools who have emailed the students and teachers. I will only be considering students or teachers over 18, but I am trying to get in contact with anybody who may be able to get me access to the school too. I will be careful with whom I interview.


Thank you for the concern,



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Forida, this is not a missile aimed at you but the Committee has been thinking about issues raised when people post here seeking help with research projects and the like. We conclude that there should be ground rules and have come up with the following which now can also be found in the Important notes for users topic.



Contacting members for research projects
We have quite a large constituency of dancers on the Forum so from time to time people come here to find guinea pigs for their academic research.
It is best that people seeking subjects should go through the dance schools so that bona fides can be checked, rather than soliciting help here.
Nonetheless, should you wish to post here, be aware that to take account of concerns about exploitation, particularly of children, we will remove postings unless it is made clear that it is over-18s who are being canvassed. If thinking of replying you should realise that we have no way of checking posters' credentials and therefore advise caution before responding.
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