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how strict are the rbs with their photos.  just noticed that one of the photos we have had taken the arms are held out instead of being by the side.  is it worth getting another one done before sending.  only have until friday to get the forms in

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Do you mean the one facing to the corner? With the toe pointing in front? We sent our Dd's with her arms slightly out instead of in first because we were doing both Elmhurst associates and royal and did them together. She got in RBS. I would say try to get them the same as the little drawings if you have time but if they like what they see they probably won't penalise for a slightly different photo. I worried loads about my Dd's photos but in the end it obviously didn't matter. However, if she doesn't get in you might always wonder?!! I sent mine off to photobox (uploaded them) and they came back very quickly. Sorry I'm not sure I am helping! Lol! As they say though they do take children with no dancing experience so it is unlikely they would penalise for an incorrect position.

Obviously if it was summer school where they only go on the photos they have to be perfect.

Edited to say I notice that the position I m talking about does have the arms out slightly. They were in first for the MA application. Sorry that's no help whatsoever! X

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They do say photos are only for reference after audition so don't panic too much if you can't redo them. Few years ago we had last minute decision to enter dd for WL summer school - photos taken and sent to photobox, ordered two sets so we had copy - for some reason no 2 pics were the same.....in some could see her feet but not her hands and vice versa.....ended up stapling both photos together , shrugged my shoulders and thought that was waste of money.....she got a place   ;)

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