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Cycling and ballet


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I know. Alarm bells ring when you see those two words together, don't they? Now really I only dance for fun, what with being grown up, and not having the desired unnatural capacity for turnout and flexibility etc etc, so it shouldn't really matter that much but I do dance 5 out of 7 days a week and it is largely what keeps me sane in life. My question is this. I have to cycle a lot for work (I don't drive and I work in a village 4 miles away) and am developing the most enormous and unsightly thigh muscles!


Does anybody have any experience either of cycling techniques that might help to minimise the growth of these beasties, or exercises that could help to stretch them out/tone them, or of techniques in ballet that would help me not to overuse them (I think I have a tendency to use them too much where I should be using the inner thigh muscles).



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Can't help here, except to point out that at least one former principal of ENB used to cycle to work, so there must be something which can be done.  (And I think several other company members used to ride horses).

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I have to put a vote in for the lovely bicycle... I voluntarily cycle a 26 mile round trip 3 days a week (could easily do it on the train) because I cannot bear to be unfit and with 4 children using my work commute is the only time I can claw out of the daily routine. I love the headspace, freedom and contact with the elements. cycling is fabulous cardio exercise-my DS who trains 25 plus hours a week admits he is not cardiovascularly fit so dance doesn't cover it all!

(btw I only learnt to drive 6 yrs ago and I still prefer the bike- do yourself and the environment a favour - and if you aren't trying to make dance a profession then who cares if the 2 aren't wholly compatible- be an all rounder)

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