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Festivals and costumes


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Hi everyone,

Please can anyone help me?

I live in scunthorpe and have two local dance festivals, one for a week at Easter, and one for a week at October half term.

We cant do one in February half term,as its our local dance schools show,I was wondering if anyone has details of any others within reasonable distance, it seems such a shame that we spend so much on choreography and costumes to not get the use of them x

Also if anyone can recommend any good costume providers, as the costumes are so much nicer now a days, I've used some sites on the Internet but always nice to hear of new/ fresh providers x

Many thanks

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They used to hold comps at parklands in Doncaster and there is also Gainsborough havnt done them in while as we moved to the other end of the country never thought I would miss them but I do ????

Good luck sorry I can't help with costumes we were always lucky enough to be able to borrow them

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