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Going en pointe as a mature adult


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Has anyone else started pointe as a mature adult?


I asked my mother to buy me my first pair of pointe shoes for my 50th birthday. My teacher had said I could go en pointe after Christmas, so I thought it would make a nice significant gift.


Anyway, I got the shoes in early January, got them looked at by the teacher, went back to the shop to check something, and then sewed on ribbons and elastic. Due to my maturity sewing required glasses plus extra magnification and very good light, which meant sitting on the bathroom floor.


I first went up onto pointe in the middle of January. It's all still very new. We get about 15 minutes at the end of class on a Saturday. I also got to two pointe lessons, run by the lady who teaches my Tuesday night class, and went to a workshop where we had a 30-minute introduction to pointe work. Pressing up onto pointe seems to be coming along, but the problem I am working on is that I roll my ankles, mainly the left one.


The shoes are starting to feel more comfortable. I do wear them around the house sometimes under big socks.


Any other experiences?






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