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Marina Kondratieva (1934-2024)

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Bolshoi ballerina and pedagogue, Marina Kondratieva, passed away in Moscow. She taught many great dancers from Semenyaka to Osipova. May she rest in peace.




Among the many lovely films on YouTube of Ms Kondratieva dancing, I greatly admire this one, as Cinderella, with Maris Liepa as the prince:



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          As a high school girl I saw Marina Kondratieva in her graduation performance of “Nutcracker” at Bolshoi Theatre. Later I watched how she was growing into an outstanding ballerina during the 'golden age' of Bolshoi Ballet. The choreographer Kasyan Goleyzovsky once said: “If Terpsichore existed in reality, Marina Kondratieva would be her embodiment. You don’t know and can’t catch when she touches the ground. You see only her eyes, then her light graceful legs, then only her expressive hands. But then a barely noticeable turn of the shoulder - and she’s gone... and it seems like she didn’t exist at all. Like an early rose cloud, she appears and then melts away before our eyes.”
          Her father was a well-known academician in the field of physical chemistry and he was very proud when journalists at a conference in Great Britain asked him whether he was a relative of the ballerina Kondratieva.
          Marina also became a wonderful teacher and repetiteur. She coached Natalia Osipova, Nina Kaptsova, Olga Smirnova. Gentle, delicate, never raising her voice, she was achieving great results.
          May she rest in heaven and eternal rest…
Below is "A Melody" by Gluck danced by Marina Kondratyeva & Maris Liepa, a real masterpiece.
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