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Hey guys - couldn't resist sharing this story!


My Russian Ballet School and Russian Youth Ballet Company are doing a production of Swan Lake in April, and I have been lucky enough to be cast as Rothbart (Acts II-IV), Spanish (Act III) and the Tutor (Act I). Tonight we were getting different parts of our costume: for me it was my Act III dual Rothbart/Spanish costume. 


I tried on my black and ruby top (one of those ones that come down to midriff level) and my teachers told me to try on a few pairs of ballet boots to see which fit. I ended up with a knee high pair that look pretty awesome (and rather in character). I then proceeded to look at some writing on the inside of the cuff which said who the previous owner was.... Jonathan Cope! I nearly fainted with shock! Turns out my ballet teachers have bought a few boots from the Royal Ballet and Mr Cope's were the best fit for me :)

Needless to say, the boots have inspired me to work even harder to try and remotely do them justice in the performances in April. Just thought I'd share! 

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Thanks so much guys! I'm definitely looking forward to writing my name under Cope's... :)


swanprincess - Yeah, Rothbart is a really fun part to play :) It's a bit harder than I thought - I'm not used to playing an evil and arrogant character!

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