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Hi, wondered if anyone has any ideas. My daughter is looking for a new character dance she is 12 she’s outgrew her current dance. She likes the thought of something more dark/scary but open to any new ideas. Thank you all 😊 

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I saw a fantastic character of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty when she isn't invited to the Christening and curses the Princess.


I've also seen a lovely dance when a 'blind' character, dreams they can see,  and then the dismay when they wake and are still blind.  



I always think a character dance needs to tell a simple story, or part of a well known one. 


If your DD is only 12, I'd stay away from the darker/scarier characters until she is a bit older, as when they get to senior classes, the character dances become very 'doom and gloom' ! 


Have fun, I love Character Dances. 

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I'm very much out of the loop with what you can and can't do with character dances, but your post immediately made me think of the TV series 'Wednesday' (Addams family spin off) and the wonderful cello arrangement of 'Paint it Black' 

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