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Monthly associate classes


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Are you aware that the Yorkshire Ballet Scholarship Centre hold a weekly session on a Saturday in York.  It's fairly easy to get to from most areas of Yorkshire, and right next to the train station if driving is an issue.  Auditions are held in June and details are available on their website now. 


I can highly recommend it as my DD loves it.

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Yorkshire is very well served for ballet, but I realise that it will depend on your transportation and the area in which you live.

There are Royal Ballet School associates and Northern Ballet associates in Leeds, both weekly I think - RBS associates may have the option of fortnightly classes? SLP College associates are in Garforth, a few miles outside Leeds.

I understand that the journey to Ballet West and Scottish Ballet associate classes in Glasgow may be relatively easy from north Yorkshire?

YBSS (Yorkshire Assembly) associate classes are weekly in York.

It may be worthwhile to look at the Yorkshire Young Dancers CAT schemes - ballet at Northern Ballet and contemporary at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, both in Leeds, although I suspect that they may be weekly (and more often than weekly?).


Further afield, the Hammond School, Chester has a monthly associate scheme. KS Dance in Warrington is the venue for the northern Cecchetti associate classes, which I think are also monthly. RAD associate classes are running in Birmingham and Cambridge from April to July, one Sunday per month.


Hope you find somewhere that suits you and your dancer/s!

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Swanprincess... he has already done the auditions but i know he would happily audition your dc to take part in the remainder of the years schedule. The next one is 24 feb at studio 79 in leicester. My dd loves working with him. He really seems to get the most from the kids and is so enthusiastic. When ready he advises to go forward to vocational training and has trained a fair few up and coming dancers. Lewis at brb started with graham many years ago. Send him an email...grahamfletcher001@btinternet.com

all the best.

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