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Audition Photographs


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Is it better to show flexibility and height of leg in audition photographs vs. simple lines? (e.g a clean, square 90 degree arabesque line vs.  a 120 degree arabesque line with a slight hip rotation to allow the leg to go higher) 


And should photos like this be different for Summer School auditions (by photo application only) compared to the ones submitted for a full-time school audition? 


Or does it really matter? 

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Assuming you are sending this photo/s to a classical ballet school.....


I would opt for the cleanest most classical line.  If an arabesque is 90 degrees, beautifully placed, squared hip line - light - easy arms - a knowledgeable adjudicator will know by the look of the body that the flexibility is there - inherent in the line. 


I don't think I would do any differently for a full time school as opposed to a summer school. 

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Can your dance teacher advise? Last year one of the older students came in and took photos whilst the dance teacher positioned my Dd's (for Ja's so not as technical photos I appreciate). But this was really helpful with getting them just right. They took loads and then the teacher chose the best ones to develop and then send off. This year for mids I took them myself at home then texted them instantly to the teacher who advised. It worked well now I knew a bit more what I was looking for!

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