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BalletcoForum Has 1000 Members!


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Hello all.  On behalf of the BalletcoForum Committee I'm delighted to announce that we have just registered our 1000th member!  We are so pleased to have reached this milestone in just over a year, and we would like to thank all of you for continuing to make this forum so vibrant and interesting.


I would also like to extend a special thanks to John Mallinson, who does such a wonderful job in keeping spammers from registering and cluttering the Forum.


Here's to the next 1000!


Best wishes,


Simonetta Dixon


BalletcoForum Committee

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I noticed yesterday on the discussion on RBS Auditions that over 20,000 views had taken place !  Obviously I know that doesn`t mean 20,000 separate individuals because many people,like myself,come onto the forum usually twice a day,every day. However,I`m sure that amount of views if translated into members,would come to a lot more than 1,000.!!  But that many members after just 12 months is a fantastic achievement. Thank you to everyone who makes it so.

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As one of BalletcoForum's - and its predecessor, Balletco's - oldest members (in both senses, unfortunately), I congratulate the committee, administrators and moderators on the disciplined, elegant and informative young offspring they have formed - well done to all of you! I particularly appreciate the daily links page, so promptly put together by John Mallinson, Ian Macmillan and Bruce Marriott (nothing much gets past them, does it?), and also the thoughtful way that the occasional  forum wrongdoer is put right!  This is not to mention the many posters too, who keep the ball pinging high over the discussion net with some powerful rallying.


So - one way or another - perhaps we can all congratulate ourselves!




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Congratulations!! As a new member, and recent balletomane, I need to thank you for opening a window to a world I have known little of and would never learn about without folks like you and all the wonderful YouTube ballet videos! Best wishes for days to come! :D

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Thank you all for the time spent maintaining this site.

Time is priceless and as a mother, wife, running two businesses, home to 3 dogs, 3 cats and I'm sure I've forgotten somebody or something, I should know!!!

But I worry that sometimes doing ballet comes before all of the above!!

Thank you.


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