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Numbers at year 7 finals?


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Hi there - sorry I don't know but I will be interested to know the answer as this may be us next year.  I imagine if they are good enough to be a JA, there is probably a good chance they would go to finals, especially as there is a smaller pool of boys.

Good luck to your son Theodore!  Keep us posted!

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Hi again all.

For RBS year 7, it seems that for the last published stats, 75 boys auditioned for White Lodge, roughly the same number as were JAs.  I have always thought that the number of JAs is probably a useful guide to the "pool" of applicants because some boys won't want boarding and some other talented boys won't already be JAs but will have the potential or are perhaps on other associate programmes.  So that means there are 75 boys approx auditioning for, probably, Elmhurst and White Lodge.  Let's say that there are 10/12 places at each, so that makes 75 boys competing for 24 places.  So roughly one in four will make it.  

Interesting that there were only 15 boys at Elmhurst finals.  How many places are there?  Seems like if you get invited to Elmhurst finals, based on the above, you must have a good chance of a place!  For RBS then, half of the boys at the finals will get a place!  If you are in finals for both, I guess you would have to be unlucky not to end up at one or the other maybe?

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The year my son went to RBS finals there were over 30 of them and 12 got places. Elmhurst sometimes only have a few boys in a year. This was a few years ago but when I look back at his year group probably about half of the boys who were JAs went to vocational schools. Just because they're JAs doesn't mean they'll be suitable for full-time training. Some carried on into MAs, some didn't.


I realise it's interesting to know numbers at finals but you have to remember it's not about the odds. I've said on an old thread - if there were 100 boys at finals or 10 - if you're not what they're looking for then you won't get the place.

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and not sure if this has been answered already. Apologies if it has!!

There were 15 boys in the final audition last year for yr 7 at Elmhurst. 7 boys were accepted as boarders (along with 13 girls) My son was one of the lucky ones. He has a full scholarship, but I think he may be one of the few.

No one seems to speak openly about scholarships, I still don't really understand the process. I do know that if you get a full scholarship some families still pay a percentage of the fees, as they are means tested. Places are also awarded without scholarships. My son was aware that if he got a place but no scholarship then he would not be able to accept the offer.

He is loving his time at the school. It is a huge commitment for the children (and their families!)

The school timetable is very 'full on'. They do about 3 - 4 1/2 dance/conditioning each day, with RAD classes on Saturday mornings. The academic studies, and the music studies are fantastic. There is only one jazz and tap class per week.

The children don't get an awful lot of free time during the week. Classes finish at 6.05 pm, followed by supper then prep or some other school related activity.

He is home at present on half term. It is awful (for me and his siblings) when it is time for him to return to school!!

Good luck to all who have finals coming up. I hope it all goes well for your sons/daughters.

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I know if someone who only wanted a ma place but had letter saying to go to the finals - when they enquired they were told they needed to go for the ma place- when we were there last year everyone was definitely auditioning for WL si dies anyone know if this is new ? This may mean all the 31 are not all for WL places

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Seems odd to me , in my experience and from knowing some of the staff, I believe the final auditions are only for WL places. They will have been assessed for MAs at the first audition.


Edited to add, after re-reading your post - they were probably someone who only ticked the MA box but the school wanted to see for a WL place. We've discussed that before somewhere. One of our long-standing balletcoers had a daughter this happened to who is now at upper school. But I'm certain the audition at WL would have been for a WL place.

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I think that regardless of whether you tick the WL box, they do invite your DC to the finals if they want to consider them for full time training.


My daughter auditioned for MAs, did not tick the WL box and was invited to finals.  She did not get a place for year 9 at WL, but did get MAs (and SAs in time).


Often there are only 2/3 places for finals in years 8/9/10 and they seemed to invite about 20 that year for the few places available.


I even know a boy who was just invited to the finals at WL from his MA class without actually going through any audition process and was offered a place.


Obviously the odds are much better at year 7, as they are filling @ 24 places at both WL and Elmhurst.

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