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Salsa Dance Is The Best Dance Form Of All


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Salsa dancing is completely inclusive and is suitable for anyone regardless of age, or level of ability. There is also a fantastic range
of benefits gained from this dance. We get not only emotional benefits from dancing but physical too.

  • Salsa Dance builds endurance and stamina
  • Salsa Dance helps with weight loss (on average Burns off 420 + calories per hour).
  • Salsa Dance can burn more calories an hour than riding a bike or swimming.
  • Salsa Dance relieves stress
  • It helps you release toxins
  • It greatly increase your overall fitness and general well being
  • It can lead to a reduced heart rate over time

In my next topic I'll be going to list some of the major benefits of salsa dancing on emotions. Till then, keep dancing folks!



Addy Watson

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Thanks for posting this - my non-dancing 18 year old son loves to go Salsa dancing. Which surprises us all as he had no interest in sport etc at school.


After work he rocks up at the Salsa class - with a mate or on his own - and has a couple of hours of great fun. One of his partners last week was a 6 foot tall, middle aged policewoman - he's only 5 foot 9 and was very amused when she told him he led really well :P


And by the way, four months ago he had 10 hour surgery on his back for scoliosis - so I totally agree with all the benefits listed above!

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