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central school of ballet audition!


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My son is auditioning for central. I’m so nerves he doesn’t seem to worry about it
much, but I know this is all he really wants and I really want him to succeed. I’ll
get to my questions. So what is central looking for? Do they want more dancey
dancers? What’s the audition is like is it different from other vocational
ballet schools? How important is contemporary for getting into the school/how
much of the audition is contemporary?


Sorry for asking a lot of questions. and good luck to every one auditioning


thank you




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A vague memory of a ballet class, a short contempory class and then there were other things to test musicality. It was skipping over a rope and clapping out a rhythm against the music. Someone else may be able to explain this more clearly to you. This was last years audition and my memory is not so sharp.

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Welcome to the forum.


My DD auditioned in January and said that the ballet class was good but not too advanced at this stage.

I have posted her experience in a different earlier thread but do not know how to link it to this one. If you use the search engine here for Central you will find it.

Good luck!



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The earlier Central School of Ballet auditions thread:




Dragonlady's description of the audition is at post #9.


To give a link find the page you want to link in, copy the URL and paste it into your new post.  I haven't worked out how to tidy them up yet!

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Thank you so much every one, especially Dragonlady your post was incredibly helpful. my ds has got thru! he’s over the moon he came out with a long list of mistakes
he made and he made out there was no chance of him going the the finals, but were thru to the next round and more stressful waiting.


thank you again every one

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