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"The Dance Summer School" New Adventures


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My DS attended the Dance Summer School twice. It is very good and would recommend up to about adv 1 level, age approx 16. The faculty are predominately Bird including fantastic Katie Morea for contemporary and Andrew Wilson for ballet. The surroundings ie Kilgraston School is lovely and very safe as sits almost on its own in the countryside. They bring a large band of Bird students who act as chaperones and do the job very well. My DS was too old last year so did not attend but have heard that New Adventures week was very good.

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My daughter has been for several years and loves it. There is such a variety and the teachers are fantastic. They have ballet twice most days along with jazz and contemp. Different activities every nite and its full on from morn till night. She has gained so much from it and now has friends from Mexico city to singapore that she met on it. Kate and ed are brill. They get so looked after. Great setting too with swimming pool that they use for a night. We fly up and they pick up the kids from the airport. Strongly recommend it. I think going there made my dd realise it was what she wanted to do full time! Ask away if you want any more info! She is booked for two more weeks this summer!

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