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Sadler's Wells Hip Hop/Modern workshops

Jan McNulty

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I confess to having lurked for a while :)  I just had to join though to be able to say thank you so much for posting this Janet. My DD did a three day workshop at Sadler's Wells in the half term and we found out today she has been selected to take part in the Riot Offspring project and will be dancing at Sadler's Wells on 8th June. She is thrilled and we've bought our tickets already!  :D

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Hi AccentuateThe Positive!


Many congrats to your dd for being selected to take part in the Riot OffSpring project - it looks really good from the pre-publicity I've seen.


My dd isn't in that, but is in NYDC - so will be dancing at Sadler's on the same programme. It should be a great night. We'll be coming to watch of course, but won't be there for rehearsals as NYDC members will be residential based for these.

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Thank you AccentuateThePositive!


My dd had the most wonderful 2 weeks residential with NYDC - such hard work but says it was the best thing she has ever done, for so many different reasons  :)


She told me that they had watched a Riot Offspring rehearsal and that it looked fantastic - should be a really good programme of dance on June 8th.


I like the idea that your dd has now gone back to school for a rest!

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