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How can I afford ballet college ?


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My daughter is currently a CAT student on MDS. She wants to audition for ballet courses (2014 entry). I am confused about the maintenance grant portion of DaDa awards. Would this cover boarding costs at Tring and Elmhurst or hostel fees at ENB school. Only Rambert and Central offer a degree course at 16, otherwise it's waiting for student finance at 18, which seems to be too late for ballet. I am new to all this

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I very much doubt it will cover the accomodation costs at these schools.  At Elmhurst we're paying about 300 a month for accomodation plus 500 a term for meals which isn't optional. Again you only get the maintenance grant if you earn under the magic 33,000 earn over that and you have to pay it all.


Looking at the figures released today the maintenance grant will cover very little.


Child benefit could stop as it is considered advanced training but stressing they still do the required amount of academics should keep it for the first 2 years.

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